how to make a ghost


"how to make a ghost" is an animated short

about remembering the things that shape us,

especially painful memories we're told

we should forget.


narrated by: Cynthia Velasquez

sound: Alex Steinmetz/Death Tape Super Bass

(written, animated, and directed by gabriela escovar)


Outfest Official Selection 2018
San Diego Underground Film Festival Official Selection 2018
London International Animation Festival - "Female Figures" Program 2018
Factual Animation Film Festival 2018
Thessaloniki Animation Festival Official Selection 2018 (TAF)

SERET Contemporary Animation Night - Teder (Tel Aviv, 2018)
Breaking the Glass Frame: Women & Animation Past, Present, Future (Los Angeles, 2018)
"Texts from the Grave": Atmospheric Shorts Program (San Diego, 2018)